Rodolfo Santana

My letter to the parents of Bryan Santana: Treasure Your Son

When I heard of your “wrongful birth” lawsuit, my heart sank.

I read that you, Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana, were suing  your West Palm Beach OB/GYN  doctor and ultra sound technician for $9 million for failing to notice that your son Bryan would be born with partial arms and one leg.  You claimed that you would have aborted your son if you had known of his disabilities beforehand.

You effectively told the world, and later your son, that his life is not worth living.

This situation hurts me in my deepest parts, Ana and Rodolfo, because I am the mother of three people much like your Bryan.  I know what a full and meaningful life my George, James and Hope have. I can tell you with certainty that Bryan can have that same kind of life.

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